Marina Carenero
Bocas del Toro, Panama, Central America

The Cruising Sailor's choice for Security and Service.

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Jurg and Catherine

S/V Kjaloha
John Sharon and Dezel

S/V Sunsation
Carl and Iris

S/V Breast Fed
Karen and Cheryl

S/V Interlude IX
Lucie & Allen Pollard


S/V NasoBlu
Ray Malphurs

M/V Sweet Milissa
Marion and Bert -

S/V Luna Azul
Mike and Sue Stover

S/V Jus' Now

S/V If Knot Y Knot
Peter and Leena Bäni

Isabelle and family

S/V Shaka
Jürg Beeli

S/V Starfish
Bob and Jeannie Fisher

S/V Island Dreamin
Gary & Linda Lott

c/v Rainbow Rider
Annette & Bob Pace with Judy
Annette & Bob Pace with Judy – S/V Tempest
S/V Tempest
Pete Allen
Pete Allen - S/V FrenchKiss
S/V FrenchKiss
Rich and Lynda Potempa
Rich and Lynda Potempa - S/V Wild Goose II
S/V Wild Goose II
Jan & Bill

S/V Foreigner
Dana & Jean-Pierre
Dana & Jean Pierre
S/V Nikan
Liz and John Young

S/V Antipodes II
Susan & Will

S/V Far Niente
Anne and John

S/V Seahorse
Juan y Laura

S/V Dike, Espana
Sonny and Kay Sides
Sonny and Kay Sides - S/V Valentina
S/V Valentina
Nicole and John
Nicole and John Taraipo
Todd Richard Kapp, BS MBA
Todd Richard Kapp, BS MBA - S/V Phaedra
S/V Phaedra
 Bruce Gordon and Phyllis Haines
Bruce Gordon and Phyllis Haines S/V Otter II
S/V Otter II
Robert and Jocelyne
Aquarel IV
S/V Aquarel IV
 Babette and Michael Garfield
flexible 2
S/V Flexible 2
 Adam and Jennifer Smallwood
Adam & Jennifer S/V Arin II
S/V Arin II
Paul and Malinda Gebert

S/V Daydream
Valerie and Richard

S/V Hula
Ariel and Tim
S/V Hebe
S/V Hebe
Jeremy and Sonia

S/V Moustache
Pam and Bruce Dage

S/V Ahquabi
Tove and Sid Small
We pulled into Careening Cay Marina thinking we would be there for a month. We felt so at home, we stayed for two. We found a wonderful feeling of family here.
S/V Blue Moon
Brian & Clare Barone
To all the people thinking of keeping their boat in Bocas for an extended period of time, we would love to heartily suggest they use Marina Carenero.  Mary and the gang were extremely helpful and took brilliant care of Cetacea.  After 1 1/2 years or so, she was still floating and in good shape, despite the fact that I had to leave her at a dead run and not properly de-commissioned.  They are cruisers who have taken a dream and made it reality, and we really appreciate all their help.   Mary gave us photos of the boat when we were lonesome for Cetacea, and her staff did the periodic maintenance and cleaning that is required in the tropics.  We had absolutely no problems with electrolysis, as some cruisers worry about when leaving a boat in the water for a long period of time.  We even were able to look on the Google earth satellite photos and make out our boat at the dock!  They provide a great service, and allowed us to take the time we needed to get some more money together to keep on cruising.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  We were on an extremely tight timeframe when returning, with flying into panama from New Zealand, getting the boat ready, bringing the boat to the canal, and taking flights home to the US for our wedding, and the help given to us by Mary before we got there with vendors etc. was invaluable.  A+++ for all their help when we needed it most.
S/V Cetacea
Capt. Norman Sigmund
came across an article about Marina Carenero in Bocas Del Toro that was owned by Mack and Mary Robertson. The sincerity of this short article made me change course even though it was 120 miles away. It was almost magical as soon as I altered course the boat stopped rolling and the moon was like a beacon drawing me to Bocas. Later the next day we arrive and contacted Mary [Saint Mary would be a better and more fitting name] she talked us in and both she and her husband Mack were there to catch our line and greet us. They handled our custom and immigration at no cost and actually lent me the cash to pay the fee’s. We spent the afternoon having cocktails with them at the dock like we were old friend’s.
M/V Lady Lydia

Mark Weiss, Captain
I decide to come to Bocas del Toro for a few weeks.  We pulled out a week ago after being there for a year and two months, keeping the boat at Marina Carenero longer than she has been docked anywhere since purchase.  The atmosphere at the dock is friendly, snobbery does not exist.  Mary has cold beer and pop for a buck a shot and has an entire kitchen cruisers can use anytime they don't want to cook aboard.
S/V Balance

Cliff & Audrey Allcroft
We arrived at Careening Cay Marina in Bocas del Toro, Panama on April 18, 2003 and have kept our Robert's 43' cutter there until Dec. 31, 2006. We found the marina owners, Mary and Mack Robertson, and the staff, to be very helpful, conscientious and kind.
S/V Carra II
Mona and Hans Thorburn
After having had my "Mona-Mi" in Careeening Cay  marina for 8 1/2 months I feel it is time to move on. It has been a pleasure to leaving "Mona-Mi" in your hands as you have done a great job with taking care of her.
S/V Mona-Mi
Rod & Jill Hearne
We have been cruising part-time for seven years and have left our yacht Lookfar in Mexico, El Salvador, and Cartagena. This last year we left Lookfar in Careening Cay Marina. Mary's diligent maintenance over the six months that we were gone was excellent!
S/V Lookfar
David & Suvi Whiteside

S/V Sofia II
Ron and Yen
First, your maintenance service was excellent. We returned to the boat to find zero mold, the boat was as clean as when we left.  The batteries were fully charged and everything in your control was operational.  The best thing was that the prop, strut and shaft did not even require cleaning - it was spotless using your patented technique. 
S/V Moonlight
Bengt & Marguerite Toss
After considering storage of the yacht for six months, we chose Marina Carenero (Careening Cay Marina). The reasons were many; 1) the atmosphere in the marina suited us, 2) the owners live on site, 3) the owners manage all aspects of the marina and, 4) they had a complete maintenance program that really suited us.  During our six months in Sweden it was very easy for us to keep updated that the yacht was ok by just a short phone call or by sending an E-mail.
S/V Good Run
Don Frazer
The security at Careening Cay Marina is the best.
S/V Keava
Barbara & Cori Frum
The best part of our two months stay was the free high speed Internet access. The kitchen was also nice to use. Careening Cay Marina is a really friendly place to stay.
S/V Increscent Moon
Hans and Susanne
We left our sailboat Nautibear in Careening Cay Marina for 5 months following recommendations from our friends from Kuani. We really felt well taken care of here and admire Mary’s enthusiasm with which she runs the place. Mary fulfills individual maintenance requirements with great accuracy and we did not have to worry about a thing during our long stay in Europe. Email communications work perfectly so we always knew what was going on.
S/V Nautibear  
Marilyn & Tom
We very much enjoyed our stay at Careening Cay Marina... particularly the kitchen and the dock. (Their) generosity in use of the the workshop facilities was much appreciated. Definitely a cruiser friendly marina!
S/V Freelance
Marie & Jim Tipton
your hospitality seemed more like we were staying with friends than renting a slip at a marina.  You kept Argonaut so clean and fresh while we were gone… no dust, no mildew, just a nice, clean boat.  We especially appreciated the (digital) pictures you sent monthly.
S/V Argonaut
Karen Hayward & Capt. John Bogert
It was great having a kitchen facility available because it gave me the opportunity to varnish my galley. We loved the fact that we were able to leave tools in the work area overnight without worry of theft. Taxis to town were always available while repairs were being made to the dinghy. We would highly recommend Careening Cay Marina (Marina Carenero).
S/V Nirvana

Marina Carenero
Bocas del Toro, Caribbean, Panama, Central America
Phone: (011) (507) 757-9242

Latitude 9º20.64' N Longitude 82º14.11' W

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