Marina Carenero
Bocas del Toro, Panama, Central America

The Cruising Sailor's choice for Security and Service.

Yacht Maintenance Program

Monthly Deck and Topsides wash.

Engine run and monitor monthly.

Battery monitor and maintenance.

Frequent airing and ventilation, as weather allows.

Daily dock lines and waterline checks.

Interior Cleaning / Mildew control / Head pickling.

Bottom Scrubs, zinc anode changes, prop inspection & cleaning.

Managed Yacht Services

Fuel purchase & fueling.

Sail & Canvas repairs and upholstery.

Refrigeration Repairs.

Diesel Engine Repairs.

VHF, SSB & Radar Repairs.

Electrical, plumbing, carpentry.

Painting & Varnishing.

Renewal of Cruising Permits.

Purchasing & Provisioning.

Marina Carenero
Bocas del Toro, Caribbean, Panama, Central America
Phone: (011) (507) 757-9242

Latitude 920.64' N Longitude 8214.11' W

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